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At E. J. McKay, we believe corporate responsibility does not end at the board room. We seek to create an environment in which individuals, families, and businesses can thrive, and are dedicated to improving the communities in which we serve. Our efforts are focused on helping the most needy and disadvantaged, acting as a bridge to connect local communities, and improving access to and quality of education. Our activities include social investments in worthy causes, volunteering, charitable donations, and pro bono work, among others.

In all our efforts, we strive to create a lasting impact, acting as a catalyst for positive change.


We are driven by the belief that education is vital to success – our communities’ and our own.

We seek to create a positive impact in the areas where our expertise, relationships, and capabilities can be most effective. By fostering education, E. J. McKay endeavors to help individuals, families and our communities to flourish.

Bridge: E. J. McKay acts as a bridge for educational institutions between China and the world. We help connect educators and schools worldwide to share ideas and grow together.

Teach: At E. J. McKay, we prefer to take a hands-on approach to education. Our professionals serve as tutors to local students, adjunct professors at universities, and speakers at various community events, getting involved in education first-hand.

Grow: As educational institutions expand and grow, we lend our financial and capital-raising expertise to facilitate their fund-raising campaigns. Our experience includes leading campaigns on behalf of Oxford, Harvard, and others.

Volunteer: Our professionals help make an impact in their communities through their passion, time, and expertise, by volunteering for various non-profit organizations, teaching, and providing pro bono advisory services to a variety of foundations and institutions.


The Keith K. Li Memorial Foundation was established in 2013 in honor of our dear friend and alumnus, Keith Kai Li, known to his friends and family in China as Li Kai (李锴). The foundation’s mission is to honor his memory by supporting the causes Keith was unable to finish and the causes he would have wished to support, such as gifts to his alma maters and other educational institutions, as well as health initiatives related to Keith’s peers in the financial industry.